Hi! Welcome to my website!!!

This site is all about my favourite things! Thanks for visiting!

Hobbies: !

My hobbies include playing netball, swimming, vollyball with Liv, dance, playing tennis with my friend Maddy after pialites with Tilly. And I enjoy hanging out with my friends on the weekend.

Favourite Foods:

My favoutrite cusines are Italian, Japanese, Indain and Mexican. My favourite thing to eat is CHOCOLATE! I like alot of sweet foods some are Maltesers, Mars bars, Rainbow bacon, Candy floss and many many more!

My Favourite movies and T.V shows:

Some of my favourite movies are, The age of Adaline, The Piarates of the Caribbean, and The sisterhood of the traveling pants. My favourtie T.V shows are Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Lairs, The Lodge, House of Anubis and lots of other shows.

Other Intresting facts:

My Dad was born in Italy and my parents own two Italian resturants. We go for holidays in Naples in Italy and we go sking in Lake Tekapo. I have an older sister called Bella who is in year 12 this year. Here is a link to my favourite website!!!